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Favorite Yo-Kai Watch Protagonist

Discussion in 'Fandom' started by cruzin15, Aug 30, 2016.


Who's your favorite Yo-Kai Watch Protagonist?

  1. Nate

  2. Katie

  3. Inaho

  1. Who's your favorite Yo-Kai Watch protagonist? Nate, Katie, or Inaho? Comment your favorite down below with a reason why! ;)

  2. We both love anime (I obsess about Pokemon XYZ about as much as Inaho does with Sailor Piers), we both act similarly in public, and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm Hispanic, we can pull off being twins!
  3. I love Inaho the most, simply because I relate to her nerdiness in a high level.
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  4. Same, forgot to put that!
  5. As of now, Katie is the favorite! I haven't gotten to know Inaho, but it seems like she's awesome, though ;; gotta get back into the anime...
  6. INAHO! Not that that's surprising...I mean look at my icon.

    She's such a real force of nature, passionate, funny, and a good counterpart to Keita. I find her to be a really interesting character, to be honest. She may be a little obnoxious, but she really has a good heart and cares for her friends. I look forward to her meeting new yokai and new characters! From what we've seen so far, a lot of her interactions are hilarious.

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  7. Inaho!! She's super cute & relatable gosh ;;
    otherwise katie's pretty cool haha
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  8. I'm the only one who voted for Nate so far. C'mon guys! We need more love for Nate lol
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  9. It just doesn't get better than my main main Keita

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  10. its got to be nate, no opion yet on inaho as shes not in the us dub yet
  11. Meanwhile Katie is on the couch, crying while eating a bucket of ice cream. Come on guys! Give her some love! Not even Level 5 likes her as much as she should!

    (On a related note, I need some more reaction pictures for Nate and Katie)
  12. Inaho, she reminds me of myself when I was a child

    I feel bad for Fumi/Katie, she's a neat character in the games but sadly in the anime she's just Keita/Nate's Love interested.
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  13. I can't really bring myself to vote, since I've only gotten to know Nate as a Protagonist, and I've only seen the first episode featuring Inaho w/subtitles. Unless I was referring to the game's story, Katie in the anime is hardly a protagonist :c . Like @Nebudelic said, she's more of a love interest status. Closest would be me having to wait for the dream episode where Katie was the one to get the watch instead.

    It was actually kinda frustrating at times in the anime seeing Katie be really clueless about Yo-kai, when I was so used to her being aware of them when I played the first game OTL;;

    I do want to say though that with the short amount of time I saw Inaho, she'd definitely be really relatable for me )X3c
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  14. Inaho because in the show,she still has the u-2.
  15. I like both Keita and Inaho, but I chose the latter because of her energetic personality.

    But what I really like is how both characters are so alike and yet so different. Big proof of that is when they competed for a Space Wars X Sailorpions figures.
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  16. I like all three of them, but since Katie/Fumi doesn't really get much focus in the show (plus she doesn't have a yo-kai watch, I should read the manga where she does...) I'm going to say I like both Nate/Keita and Inaho.

    I find both of their personalities fun, they both are somewhat selfish at times, but also are good kids at the end of the day, and their contrasting personalities help keep their segments different from each other.

    I just wish the episodes where they interacted were subbed, I really liked their dynamic in the second movie when they teamed up.

    I guess I'm not voting, I can't choose between Nate/Keita and Inaho :p.
  17. I love Inaho, because I relate to her completely. Like her, I am complete anime trash, which annoys many people because I'm a shipper. Like me, Inaho's love for space and Sailor Piers annoys USApyon (and the people who know her).
  18. Nate just rocks.
  19. Nate just rocks
  20. I like Katie. I do not know why but when I play as her I end up getting more yokai and there really strong too. It is almost like she is a yokai magnet of some sort. (or she is being inspirited by cupistol)

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