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Bosses in Tribes

Discussion in 'Fandom' started by Riley, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Some bosses have tribes, and are befriendable in certain games. We all know about the big boss oni being Tough, or the new befriendable bosses in Wibble Wobble like Slimamander being Shady and SV Snaggerjag being Slippery -- most don't have tribes though because they're not befriendable at all!

    As it turns out, though? Some boss Yo-kai are getting tribes without even being befriendable now! (One of the YW3 bosses is Mysterious in PuniPuni through Score Attack but the grand prize is a Tomnyan fusion item.) If you could give these bosses tribes, what tribes would you put them in?

    I would put Dr. Maddiman in the Heartful tribe, and McKraken would be Slippery in my eyes. Perhaps Eyeclone would be Slippery too?
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  2. I would personally put Maddiman in eerie but heartful works as well

    As for others...I always saw Ayatori sama as a mysterious tribe yokak tbh
  3. I would put Maddiman in shady or eerie and also put McKraken in Slippery and would put Eyeclone in Mysterious.
  4. what about for headasteam?

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