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  1. Komajiro3524
  2. Smoke
    I will say however prior to lyn latest post I have been working my butt of hunting for all kinda of rare Yo-kai....
  3. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Feeling out of it sluggish. Post- Op wisdom tooth removal last 3. So I've been sleeping a lot my apologies. Soon ill do a tiny giveaway.
  4. Acrylicat
  5. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Offline until Tuesday the 17th. Dental Surgery on the 16th bring on the laughing gas >D
  6. Eethan03302001
    Watch Of Yo-Kai Maintenance Please Try Again Later Untill Yo-Kai Watch 3 Comes Out and Inaho and USApyon Appears!!!!!
  7. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Digital Fleshy owner. Will be linking with Psychic Spectors hopefully for Ogralus and maybe Topanyan~ Fleshy/Specters Exclusives!
  8. Legend_Of_Shogunyan
    Recently Started Account
  9. Bartek2000
    If enyone want to befriended me please There is my FC: 1392 9368 2706
  10. Bartek2000
    Hello everyone!
  11. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Choosing to get Psychic Specters instead of Ultra Moon. I couldn't be happier! ^.^ Can't wait to befriend some new yo-kai~ November yay
  12. Yanderelazi
    If the nosirs never gave nate their medal, but rather inspirited his watch, does that mean nate will never complete the medallium?
  13. Shiny Sailornyan
    Shiny Sailornyan
    Does anyone know if you can trade with specters without updating? I would love to trade a Sailornyan for Machonyan~ Thanx for reading.
  14. Dylan Levine
    Dylan Levine Mikenyan
    Can we trade I’m ready
  15. Dylan Levine
    Dylan Levine Mikenyan
    Did you get it
    1. Mikenyan
      i did get it
      Oct 1, 2017
  16. Dylan Levine
    Dylan Levine Mikenyan
    Can you get back to me sorry I was out to lunch
  17. Acrylicat
    It's October 1st
  18. Dylan Levine
    Dylan Levine Azuredrgon45
    Can we trade
    1. Azuredrgon45
      um okay who you want?
      Sep 27, 2017
    2. Dylan Levine
      Dylan Levine
      Are you on
      Sep 28, 2017
    3. Azuredrgon45
      um maybe tomorrow at some time because pschic specters instantly duplicates all my guys so i trade almost anybody
      Sep 28, 2017
  19. jibanyan468
    jibanyan468 BluePikmin11
    My DOB is incorrect
    It should say January 15th 2003 my account is jibanyan468 please let me know if you fixed the problem
  20. Thorninyan
    boss man yeah
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